Keep your private photos and videos safe in the best photo vault app for Android.

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Photo Vault Security

We have developed PhotoGuard photo vault app with the help of data security experts in order to make sure that nobody will ever be able to access your personal photos and videos, using military grade encryption.

Lock your vault with a PIN, Pattern, Password or Fingerprint.

Private Cloud Backup

Auto Backup & Sync your personal photos and videos to our Private Cloud service with unlimited space. Access from any device with PhotoGuard on it.

Your photos and videos are safe in the Private Cloud. Nobody is able to access them, but you, using your vault’s lock.

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Protect your photo vault from intruders

With Break-In Alerts you can keep safe your private photo locker from intruders. Whenever someone fails to unlock PhotoGuard, we log the time of the incident and snap a secret photo of the intruder.

Private Camera

PhotoGuard has a built-in camera that hides the secret photos you take directly to your private photo locker.

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Get Extra Security with Album Locks

Set separate passwords to your private albums in order to add another layer of protection to your photo safe!

More Info

PhotoGuard is one of the leading photo vault apps worldwide and is trusted among tens of thousands of users.
We put security and privacy at the highest standards, along with a great user experience throughout the app.
Store private photos and videos behind a PIN, Password, Pattern or Fingerprint. PhotoGuard photo locker provides photo backup with secured cloud storage and has a full set of features that enhance your privacy and security even more.
Keep your private moments safe and in your control, with PhotoGuard.

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